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Unarmed man beaten by Arizona police: ‘I want Mesa to be held accountable’

Robert Johnson, a 35-year-old unarmed man whose case has received national attention after video shows officers beat him to the ground, said he wants the culture of police brutality to change in the Mesa Police Department.”I want Mesa to be held accountable for what they have done,” Johnson said Thursday at a news conference where he made his first public comments since police released video of the incident that happened last month.The footage depicts police kneeing and punching him multiple times before bringing him to the ground. Johnson, accompanied by his fiancée, daughter and two attorneys who are representing him, became emotional during the news conference held at his Mesa church, and his comments were brief.During his few minutes at a podium, he took several deep breaths to gather his thoughts before he eventually apologizing and letting his attorneys and his pastor do much of the talking.


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