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North Korea destroys missile test site ahead of Trump-Kim summit

New commercial satellite imagery indicates North Korea is destroying a key ballistic missile test site ahead of next week’s summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Trump, a new analysis says.Kim announced a moratorium on nuclear and missile testing in April. Pyongyang announced two weeks ago that it had set off explosions and collapsed underground tunnels at it nuclear weapons testing site. Joseph Bermudez, an expert on Pyongyang’s military technology, published a report this week on the website 38 North saying the Iha-ri test site “represented a critical component” in development of medium range missiles and could have been used for testing larger, intercontinental missiles. “It is unclear whether the destruction of the stand is an indication that the North is suspending this portion of its missile program or that Pyongyang plans to erect other similar facilities in the future,” the report adds.


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