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‘I’m being attacked!’: Oakland jogger who trashed homeless camp jailed after return to scene, reports say

A jogger filmed dismantling a homeless man’s encampment at an Oakland, California, park was apparently arrested after returning to the scene of the incident and getting caught on camera — again. Henry Sintay, 30, was arrested Monday on suspicion of robbery by Oakland police, area station KTVU reported, with authorities claiming Sintay stole the phone of a bystander who filmed him after he arrived Saturday to the lakeside park where the homeless man’s camp was destroyed the day prior.”Is this that same dude?” asked Matt Nelson, the bystander, in a Facebook livestream on Saturday. Footage appears to show the jogger who allegedly threw a homeless man’s belongings in Lake Merritt. He wades in the waters to retrieve soaked items, introducing himself as “Henry.””Why am I getting in the lake to pick it up? Because was trying to do the f—– right thing,” he says. “I don’t like to pollute the lake. Do you?”He asks if he’s being filmed, then grabs the camera. A struggle ensues as the camera spins wildly. “I’m being attacked!” a voice screams. Then the sound of running footsteps.


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